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Let state officials know you are against higher home sales taxes. By signing the petition below you are voicing your opposition to any increases in the Realty Transfer Fee.


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Legislators Opposed to a
Local Home Sales Tax

Aswm. Dawn Marie Addiego (R-8)

Asm. Nelson Albano (D-1)

Sen. Diane Allen (R-7)

Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-12)

Asm. Peter Biondi (R-16)

Asm. Jon M. Bramnick (R-21)

Asm. Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25)

Aswm. Caroline Casagrande (R-12)

Sen. Andrew R. Ciesla (R-10)

Asm. Gary Chiusano (R-24)

Sen. Christopher Connors (R-9)

Aswm. Denise Coyle (R-16)

Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce (R-26)

Asm. Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. (D-18)

Asm. Michael Doherty (R-23)

Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

Asm. Thomas P. Giblin (D-34)

Asm. Louis D. Greenwald (D-6)

Asm. Reed Gusciora (D-15)

Sen. Philip E. Haines (R-8)

Aswm. Amy Handlin (R-13)

Asm. James W. Holzapfel (R-10)

Aswm. Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37)

Aswm. Marcia A. Karrow (R-23)

Sen. Sean T. Kean (R-11)

Sen. Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (R-21)

Sen. Leonard Lance (R-23)

Asm. Alison Littell McHose (R-24)

Asm. Richard Merkt (R-25)

Asm. Eric Munoz, M.D. (R-21)

Sen. Steven Oroho (R-24)

Asm. Daniel Van Pelt (R-9)

Sen. Joseph Pennacchio (R-26)

Asm. John E. Rooney (R-39)

Asm. Scott Rudder (R-8)

Asm. Brian E. Rumpf (R-9)

Asm. David. C. Russo (R-40)

Asm. L. Harvey Smith (D-31)

Asm. Samuel Thompson (R-13)

Sen. Shirley Turner (D-15)

Aswm. Charlotte Vandervalk (R-39)

Asm. David Wolfe (R-10)

If you don't see your legislators listed above, please call and urge them to oppose a local home sales tax.

Click here to find your legislators' phone numbers.

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Get the Facts

The local Home Sales Tax will impact every municipality in New Jersey if adopted.

The total Home Sales Tax on an average home will have jumped 103% since 2003 if the local Home Sales Tax is approved.

The added local Home Sales Tax will increase the tax on an existing home sold at the state median price of $356,700 by 13%.




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